I Am Rod Tidwell

I Make Miracles Happen.”

So I’m at SFO, waiting for my flight to Seattle. An opportunity was mentioned on Friday, I got a frantic call on Monday, and here I am, trekking to Redmond.

It’s funny. I was getting so despondent about making things work out. I was really at the end of my rope (mostly because I lack patience) and now I have two really big opportunities (thanks to one excellent human being). I just needed a chance and now I have it. And I fully intend to make the most out of it.

Zoe, Ben, Rannie, Justin, and Kit had more faith in me than I did over the last six weeks. That’s because I forgot who I was. I mean, this is what I do!!! I make unusual (sometimes crazy) things work out for me. I forgot that I like totally rock at doing this. I’m not saying it’s all there now, but I have a chance. To quote Michael Keaton in Gung Ho, “Let’s Rock!” Oh wait, I already have a movie quote. I make miracles happen!

B.B nearly killed me when she said, “See! I told you to write a book!” You dork.

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