My New Football (Soccer) Team

Bill Simmons, my favorite columnist for the last two years, wrote a fantastic column about picking a football team to cheer for in Premiere League. I totally got into football in Thailand, with the World Cup going on and being surrounded by lots of Euros. I’ve decided to copy Bill and pick my favorite football team too. I’m not doing any research for this. I’m just using the reasons listed in his column. Right now I’ve narrowed it down to two:

Manchester City — Manchester reminds me of Bryn (even though he’s really from Sheffield). Plus, having a goalie named Dickov (pronounced Dick-Off) from a team called Man City is totally hilarious. I agree with Bill that they have the sweetest jerseys too. I’m not sure what to think of the Oasis angle. I like the music, but the Gallaghers are total dicks.

Chelsea — I like that it’s also a fae area of New York. Roman Abramovich is the coolest owner in sports. I think it’s awesome to be a fan of a team run by an evil Russian mob boss. If I ever got into a fight over his football team, there’s always a chance he’d send evil Russian mob enforcers to back me up…or at least Nikita Koloff. They’re sponsored by Samsung, which is probably my favorite consumer electronics company–love the phones, televisions, NAND flash, etc.

This is a pretty tough pick. Right now I’m leaning towards Man City…mostly because I know a lot Man U fans and I want to be contrary. Being aligned with a Russian mob boss is awfully appealing though….

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