My New Agent

Chappy totally rules. She’s putting more effort into finding me a new gig than I am.

Also, I had a brilliant idea…that I really should have thought of sooner…so I guess I had a lot of bad ideas before logic kicked in…or something like that. Ha!

I’m no longer freezing in this country. That’s good. I’m still not used to the food really (especially the prices). I’m totally used to real coffee again. Actually, the two times I’ve enjoyed being home were when I went to Farley’s and Ted (not roomie Ted) gave me my coffee free to welcome me back to the ‘hood.

Oh yeah, I went to a press event last week. It was pretty overwhelming. There were too many people to say hello to. It was good that I was able to see some friends and find some leads for work. It was bad that I got drunk and complained to everyone and anyone that would listen. At the end of the event, the shooters started. That’s when it all went to hell. Thankfully Ted took me home and I DIDN’T go to Buddha Bar. Instead I made an international drunk dial through my PC, drunk dialed Rannie, and capped off the night by vomitting the world.

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