SuperRay Returns (Special Binary Edition)

So I’ve been back in America for four days. The adjustment has not been going well. I thought I’d post a binary blog to help me think it through.

Good: It’s been nice spending time with Kit, Ted, and Rannie.

Bad: I really miss Nuch.

Good: Drinking Farley’s again is great…though I’ve had to adjust a bit, being used to instant for so long.

Bad: I really miss the cheap and wonderful food in Thailand.

Bad: I nearly passed out when I paid $12 for panang moo and rice.

Bad: In general, I’m still really bummed about not being in Thailand.

Bad: This, in turn, has me thinking negatively about my impossible dream to snag a job that will let me earn US cash and live in Thailand.

Good: My backup plan to win the lottery is slowly working. I won $11 in California Lottery.

Bad: Not only am I discouraged about job prospects that will let me live out my dream, I’m worried about how to make money in the immediate future. There’s not a whole lot going on right now.

Good: Nuch and I have talked every day since I’ve been back. She even internationally drunk dialed me once. I’m happy we’re continuing to get to know each other (we’re just friends!!!).

Bad: Getting used to doing your own laundry and cleaning your own room totally sucks.

Good: It’s nice to have strong water pressure again.

Bad: Some punker left my room a lot messier than it was when I left (full story here).

Bad: I’ve had a pretty nasty cold since I’ve been back. My temperature fluctuates and my energy level is really low.

Bad: Even though the weather is nice in San Francisco, it still feels like Antarctica to me.

Bad: My skin is already getting worse since leaving a hot and humid climate.

Good: Ah f*&% it. I’m going to find a way to make this work so I can make a triumphant return to Thailand.

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