Lost in Transition

So I’m in Narita airport…so bummed to be out of Thailand. There are so, So, SO many people, places, and things I’m going to miss. I just uploaded my last batch of photos from the trip. I’m going to miss eating breakfast at The Continental Bakery and drunkenly getting drunken double cheeseburgers at 4AM at The 19th Hole. I’m going to miss Alice’s adorable facial expressions, how cute she is, and how fluttery I get about her alleged crush on me. I’m going to miss my really cool friendship with Nuch, which has gone in all sorts of interesting directions and blurred many lines. I’m going miss Martin’s and his excellent bar–he’s so much fun to hang out with and he’s a total kid at heart. I’m going to miss living in a serviced apartment for the lass than my place in San Francisco. I’m not sure how I’m going to do without maid service. I’ll miss getting a good Thai dinner for 50 cents or splurging on a fancy meal for 10 dollars. I’m going to miss my friends, the culture, the weather, and the lifestyle.

I will find a way to make it my home or totally crash trying.

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