Wacky Night

Last night was really weird. Let’s start with my friend Shane. He showed up to the bar pretty late and immediately started a shooter contest between him and the owner’s girlfriend. They both got pretty ripped in under an hour. All of the sudden, he starts crying on Tai for half an hour. I was trying to stay out of it, but overheard him talking about how bad his family is and how he’s leaving Thailand tomorrow and never coming back (he’s scheduled to leave on the tenth). I was asked to make sure he got home okay, but he wasn’t having any of it. Tai said she’d take care of him, but then lost him. Nobody knew where he was for about 18 hours. He wouldn’t pick up his mobile phone and the staff at his hotel said that they hadn’t seen him all day. Tai was afraid Shane was going to kill himself. Keith thought so too, but to a lesser extent. I was being selfish–I was concerned for sure, but knew I couldn’t really do anything else and I had someone else on my mind.

Last night Nuch got mad at me for reasons I’m really not sure of. We’ve been enjoying a really cool friendship for the last week and it’s been one of my most precious experiences out here. It’s been fun, educational, tender, and drama free. I thought the lines, even though they weren’t black and white, were pretty clear between us. I was told that she got mad because I was talking to a girl she didn’t like, but that shouldn’t matter because we’re “just friends” right? Now she won’t return my phone calls and SMSs. I walked her home last night and that’s the last I’ve heard from her. This time she wouldn’t even let me up to tuck her in. I hope things clear up with her. I really value our relationship.

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