Two Weeks

Wow, my time here is almost up. I’m starting to get sad already. I really need to find a way to live out here. I was looking at Tuk last night, just watching her sleep, and I started missing her. Sleeping alone is going to suck. I don’t care how comfortable my space-age memory-foam bed is. I’d glady trade Farley’s coffee for the Birdy instant I’ve been drinking, because there’s so much cheap and yummy food here to compensate for the crap coffee. (Plus, I’ve learned that with a bit of imagination, you can actualy enjoy instant coffee.) I’ll miss all my friends out here and learning new things about a different culture every day. I’ll miss being surrounded by dreamers and fun-lovers.


I really hope that job from Todd pans out.

Oh, here’s the most perverted picture I’ve taken all trip. I just put my camera on the bar (under my friend Nok) and snapped a pic. Oops.

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