Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick

Hear that? That's the clock ticking as my time in Thailand winds down. *sniff* I'm going to miss so many things here. I really need to find a way to live here. I hope that job prospect pans out, but I haven't heard from the peeps in like three weeks. That's disappointing. Things have been fun (duh). Andy and Kenny are back in America, but I've been hanging with this crazy kid named Shane. He's young (22) and feels the need to buy Jaeger shots for everyone around him every 15 minutes or so. He's actually hard to keep up with so I've been trying to stay clear of him at the bar for 30-minute stretches. I have lots and lots of pictures for you!

A Crazy Bikini Party (with Nuch looking really hot)

Getting Alice Drunk

Random Pictures!!!


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