Two Rooms

Here are photos of the two rooms I've had in Thailand. This first batch is from the Bella Villa Prima, where I stayed during my last trip. The second batch is from my current room at the LK Metropole. It's in a less touristy area and it's a bit of of walk to catch the southbound baht bus, but there are motorbike taxis right out front so it's really easy to get around. Plus there are more food carts, the room is nicer and cheaper, and I like the gym/pool here better.

I was supposed to break up with Tuk two days ago, but I really suck at breaking up. I still really like her, but I don't think she's really happy with me. I wanted to break up with her this afternoon, but she went out for food shopping and to catch lunch with a bunch of friends. Did I mention that I really suck at this??? It's almost time to go out and my friends all thought I'd be single tonight and wanted to get a little crazy. Even if I do break up with her tonight, I know she'll be on my mind for quite some time…which really sucks because there are some really great girls that think I'm boyfriend material. *sigh* My first Thailand broken heart.

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