Not at E3

Wow, so this is what not going to E3 is like. I really miss Zoe right now. Life in general is pretty cool. Things with Tuk are normal, which is to say we have really good times and a few weird fights. We understand each other a lot better, but I don't know how much compromising each of us will/can do. When she's happy and I'm happy, it's pretty wonderful. After a fight, it kinda sucks. I suppose that's normal. The whole thing is a great learning experience for me. I understand myself more, what I want in a companion, a little bit about Thai culture, and what living with someone is like. Oh yeah, I changed rooms. Tuk's much happier in our new room. The area is a little less touristy and there are lots more food carts. The room has a kitchen and she's been cooking every day (waking up to the smell of bacon rocks!). Most importantly, we have a VCD player now so she can listen to music and watch music videos. This has made her so much happier and has helped cut down on her drinking. I hope things keep steady. She's a good girl, but she needs to figure out what she wants from her life.

At FLB there are a bunch of new service girls. There quite a cute bunch! I totally have a crush on Ja right now. To help her make some money and to help corrupt her, I tried to get her hammered with eight tequilas and one blowjob (the shot, not the sexual act). The little girl held up pretty well! Check out these pics of the evening

4 thoughts on “Not at E3

  1. E3 this year really didn’t work for me. in retrospect i let it get to me too much, and could have had more fun if i’d just … tried. i had a good time at the parties but a rotten time at the show, and i’m not sure why i felt quite that bad. maybe just stress from all of the crowds.

    anyway, i feel like you didn’t miss a lot…

  2. E3 for online writers is never a good thing. To quote Ted, “I’m over it!!!” I’m glad you’re back home and recovering though. Now, do you have anything I can work on??? Ha!!!

  3. Pretty damn nice hotel rooms you got there.

    It was a little odd not seeing you flitting around E3. Also odd, I kind of almost (ALMOST) enjoyed the show, despite some personal emotional issues. What’s this all mean?

  4. Ben, I think it means we’re all going through some big changes. Justin got a job, you enjoyed E3, I’m moving to Thailand (with any luck), etc. The “Winds of Change” are here and hopefully they’re not being delivered by The Scorpions. (You’ll have to ask someone about that pop culture reference.)

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