More Photos! More Updates!

Here are a batch of pics from my last Songkran fight. That one really took a toll on me. I suppose walking around sopping wet for three days was bound to get me a bit sick. It's great fun though and I want everyone to experience it once. Tuk's been a bit of a homebody lately. Generally, she doesn't like going out during the day because she's "scared of the sun." Thai people really don't like getting tan–they think really dark skin is unattractive. The sun + all the water play going on has left her stuck in my room. She's getting a little batty today and she can't wait for Songkran to be over tonight.

I also have a batch of random photos for your viewing pleasure. There's some cool stuff in here. Martin got pretty plastered one evening, cranked up the AC/DC, and rocked out. It's his bar so he can do whatever the hell he wants. The set also has this really adorable picture of Tuk. I love how she looks in it. So cute!!!

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