Thailand Update

The last few days have been crazy, fun, and quite the learning experience. I had my first Songkran water fight. Wow. It was SO much fun and I want all my friends to experience it. It's pretty tame in some parts of town, but where I went, it was the biggest-ass water-fight I've ever seen in my life.

Saturday was Tuk's birthday. I threw her a party at her bar. She had fun for a while and it was cool to watch all the different customs. She had some drama earlier in the day (she's really not getting along with my friend Jimmy) and I "made bad" later that evening. I've been told that telling the truth is good to Thai people, but telling a little lie to make everyone look good is much, much better. The weirdest thing about the whole evening, for me anyway, is hearing people call Tuk my girlfriend and call me her boyfriend. At wigged me out at first, but I became comfortable with it later.

Life with Tuk has been a rollercoaster. I'm really like her–like very, very a lot. I've made some mistakes and she's made some too. A lot of it stems from cultural differences and some of it stems from having never lived with a girl before (that thing with Vickie doesn't count). The biggest problem we've had is that her boss told her some of the things Jimmy said about her when he was drunk. Jimmy's a fantastic friend, but he does get out of hand when he's blotto. So I'm kind of stuck in an uncomfortable situation. Thankfully, the last few days have been great. We've been talking about things a lot and we understand each other better. Best of all, we haven't had any problems!

Who knows…. If that crazy job comes through, I think I'd ask her to live with me. She'd take good care of me, keep me in line a little bit, and be a good live-in. I already have our house picked out too!

2 thoughts on “Thailand Update

  1. That’s actually a ripoff compared to prices five years ago. I’d actually rent the place for a year. Right now it’s a better market for renting than buying here.

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