My Next Adventure

I'm at the airport waiting for my plane to board. Thirty more minutes and I'm off to Thailand!!! I'm super excited. Oddly enough, I'm more excited to see Jimmy and Donnegan than Tuk. I think my committment issues are kicking in already. B.B agrees.

It's funny. I'm running off, leaving behind lots of unresolved issues. Professionally, there's nothing really going on for me yet. Two of the opportunities I had for E3 didn't pan out. I'm not disappointed, since they were both last-minute things. If anything, it's making me resent Yahoo! even more. Hopefully something will pan out. There are longer term things that should take off, but I really wanted to do some hosting stuff for E3. Oh well, I'll wait and see what happens.

Romantically…well yeah, there's always some sort of nonsense with me isn't there? Thankfully I'm running away from potential spiderwebs and shall be in the arms of a lovely young girl. I wonder how that will turn out. Will she want to kill me after ten days? Donnegan is trying something similar with Kung, though I think his deal is more about lust. That's what I get for being the mushy one. 

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