Alternate Realities

Remember my New York trip last November? It was like living in a snow globe–I just felt really detached from reality, but in a good way. The last week was pretty much like that. I spent five nights and six days in Chicago for a business trip. It was lots of fun (though that city is frickin' cold!) and I had some pretty unique experiences. I attended WrestleMania 22 and a Ring of Honor show. I got to meet a bunch of WWE talent. I discovered my new favorite wrestler. Mimicking HBK's storyline from WM22, the trip marked the return of old-school Raymond. I had like two drinks the whole trip, which might be hard for some people to believe. I spent almost all my free time hanging out with Justin, which was super awesome–it was the most time we've spent together in probably a few years. The whole trip felt like a break from reality.

I didn't really come back to reality either. Last night I had a super fun evening with someone I rarely get to spend time with. There wasn't a whole lot to the night. It was very simple, but very precious too. It was just a night out chatting and drinking, but I won't forget the things we said and did for a long while.

At this rate, I won't hit reality until mid-May. I'm off to Thailand on Thursday, I get back two days before I leave for E3, and then it's time for the big show. Escapism??? Partially. I'm also looking for something. I'm not sure what it is or where it is and I'm not certain I'll find it, but I ain't gonna find nuthin' if I don't look. 

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