Slicing and DICE-ing

DICE 2006 was pretty excellent. I’ll post a bunch of my “professional” thoughts about the show on my 1Up page. Here are some personal ramblings.

– It was lovely to catch up with so many fantastic people. There were some conversations that caught me off guard–I was surprised and touched that so many cool people were interested in what I was up to these days.

– I felt like a total dick for not calling “Busta” Capps. I thought he was supposed to call me because I thought I didn’t have his number, but oops, there it is in my phone. I did have a lovely lunch with him and Mrs. Busta, which was a lovely break from the madness.

– That was the most I’ve seen Ryan in months. I really miss working with him and would love to have him shooting b.b and me up to no good.

– After two years, I’m convinced that Vitello no longer thinks I’m an idiot…which probably means he thinks I’m an idiot.

– Le Reve was fantastic. I swear Monsieur Dragone ripped some of those scenes out of my dreams.

– It was lovely spending so much time with Chappy and Aaron. They’re excellent people, though Chappy is trying to stop me from leaving the country next year.

– Speaking of which, I’m a little bit conflicted about my next crazy idea. A few of the conversations I had at DICE could lead to some new opps. While I would love to do the dreamer thing, I have a chance to do some really cool stuff (possibly with some people I really dig). Part of me thinks I should do whatever the hell I want, while part of me thinks I should take advantage of the lucky position I’m in.

– DICE made miss Cliff. I saw all my other groomsmen at the show, but it was weird without him.

– There was no stupid 3AM crying in front of Fatburger while Dr. Greg walks by. Bonus!!!

– Hey! I was like totally well behaved the whole show.

– Fils-Aimes is the best last name ever. It’s SO much fun to say, especially with other French words. “Fils-Aimes, croissant?” “Bonjour Fils-Aimes!” “Hmmmm, tres bon Fils-Aimes.”

– In case you missed the link at the top. Look at these pictures!

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