There Can be Only Two

Wow. Through the miraclificness of the internets, I’ve been offered an apprenticeship of sorts. There’s no obligation, but an intraweb pal of mine offered to show me the ins and outs of my latest crazy idea. He’s being totally realistic too and warning me about all the little things he has to worry about (there seem like a lot) and a few big things (being threatened with physical harm for being white. good thing I’m not white). Best of all, he wants to introduce me to some of the same people going through the adventure so I can figure out if I really want to do this or not. Best best (not you honey) of all, I get to manage a business for a week or so. Neat!!! Hopefully I won’t have to chop off his head with a sword if my adventure goes well…but if it grants me all his powers that might be a good idea.

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