Vacation Update III

Here are the pics from Elephant Village. The baby elephant is the cutest thing in the world! During the tour, a camerman followed us around and filmed the whole thing. They try to sell you a DVD of the trip. Each time we bumped into him, I had my fake-camera-smile thing going on until I realized I wasn’t working. Tee-hee.

While Rannie was waiting for a shirt fitting, we decided to kill 90 minutes by going to a go-go bar. Go-Gos are like strip clubs, except you get to pick the girl you like and take her home. She had fun watching the choreographed dances (though I don’t know if she’ll look at a banana or shaving cream the same way ever again) and making friends with mama-san. She embarassed me by getting the cute little girl I was looking at to sit next to me. She was so adorable! I bought her a drink and chatted with her before I let her dance again. I felt like I was wasting her time since I wasn’t bringing her back to the hotel. Oh well, she gets a little money for every drink a guy buys her so I wasn’t totally wasting her time.

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