Vacation Update II

Rannie and I went on a couple of touristy tour tours. The first one was Nong Nooch Gardens. It’s pronounced like Tom Nook, but the Nooch part looked like noodge to me–you know, that word Jay from Jay & Silent Bob always says. More than a few times on the tour I let out a, “Noodge!!!” Those were mostly for Steve’s amusement though, as I’m sure he’s the only one that’ll find it funny. Anyway, Nong Nooch was pretty fun. In addition to the lovely plants (the orchids are gorgeous), there’s a nice cultural show, a small zoo, a butterfly garden, ceramic sculptures, and lots of tourist traps. The trip was a couple of hours and it was really hot, but that made coming back to the pool all the nicer. My favorite part was when Rannie fed my leftover coconut to an elephant. Anyway, here are a ton of photos I snapped at Nong Nooch.

Our next touristy tour was to Elephant Village. It’s also a tourist trap, but it’s very charming. Since elephants aren’t used for labor nearly as much as before, some people set up this tourist attraction to cover the costs of care. Apparently elephants eat 200 kilograms a day. As soon as I figure out what a kilogram is I’ll be impressed, but the number sounds pretty high. We got to feed a baby elephant, ride on an ox cart, take a boat ride with some gibbons, and ride an elephant. It was totally fun! Plus, there was this really hot girl from Denmark wearing a bikini so it was hard not to enjoy. Oh yeah, there was a really short hike where the guide showed us local fruit plants, explained the silk process, and a bunch of other stuff. That part was nice but I mostly remember the elephants (such cool aminals!!!), playing with the gibbons, and that hot girl from Denmark.

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