Vacation Update

Thaiglish is funny.

Rannie and I headed to our lovely beach resort. Here are some pics of the hotel. It’s really lovely–one of the nicest I’ve ever been too. Between staying at Raffles for $150 and staying here for $129, I feel fortunate and pampered.

After spending lots of time in the pool and enjoying the hotel, we went downtown to shop and find Rannie a tailor. She picked out two suits and was really giddy the whole time. It was fun watching her enjoy the joys of custom tailoring. While we were down there, we went to a girlie bar so she could take pictures of her as a decoy for her parents. We found this adorable little thing named May. We bought her a drink and asked if I could take photos of her and Rannie. She probably thought Rannie was a lesbian or we were into the group thing. Rannie tried to explain why she was taking pictures with her, but she didn’t quite understand. Hell, I think it’s a little ridiculous too.

We had a little time to kill before Rannie’s first fitting (measurements at 9:00PM, first fitting at 10:30PM!). We checked out a couple of bars with live bands. I really enjoy watching bad cover bands. None of them were too bad, but there were reasons they were playing in some crap bar in Thailand. That reminds me, one of my closet dreams is to be in a Vegas cover band with my brother.

Well, Rannie’s at the spa getting four hours of pampering. I’m off to the pool. Bye!!!

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