And yes, the title is a Journey reference. Tee-hee.

Before I get to my vacation, I must say, “Oops.” Remember that gorgeous bass player I wrote about? She totally found me on 1Up. So I feel all stalker-ish. But I’m not!!! Really.

My flight was pretty painless. Thanks to my 100K status, both my free upgrades went through. (In a really spoiled way, I have to say that it’s nice to feel like a citizen on United again.) I chose to sit in the upper deck. I’m still convinced that wild cocaine parties happen up there, but on my three upper-deck flights I’ve yet to see one. At one point during the flight, I thanked Khera that I was a videogame nerd. When I wasn’t sleeping, I spent most of the flight playing Final Fantasy IV and Nintendogs. I can’t imagine what normal people do to pass the time. Oh yeah, I’m so grateful for my Shure E4Gs. They’re so brilliant with the foam tips.

So I got to my hotel around 12:30AM. In Western terms, I’d say it’s on the Westin-ish level. It’s not the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in, but it’s certainly the most outstanding room I’ve ever had for less than $50.

Due to the wonders of jet lag, I woke up at 8AM. I lounged around for a bit before breakfast and then went shopping. Man, custom-tailored clothes are ridiculous here. I selected two suits, four pairs of pants, and 14 dress shirts. So yeah, I kind of overdid it for my first shopping outting. I need to pace myself…but it’s hard when I spent less than $700 on a lot of custom-fit clothing. I can’t wait to go for my first fitting tonight!

After some shopper’s remorse (not really), I went to the hotel spa. It’s nice having a really large hot tub to yourself. The steam room was being repaired, which was a bit of a bummer, but the sauna was in order. Then I spent a bunch of time at the hotel’s pool. It’s pretty cute. There are elephants and a section with jacuzzi jets. At the pool I met these really cool guys from a small town outside of Manchester. They’re on the tail-end (snicker) of a big whoring trip. I didn’t get all their names, but three of the eight are named Steve, so if I just say that there’s a good chance of getting it right. They want me to hang out with them tonight, but they’re going to the naughty part of town so I might pass. Then again, watching them should be entertaining enough. I mean, there are actually nine of them in the group, but one is at the hospital for STDs.

So yeah! Here are the early pics.

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