Lucky Start

On second thought, maybe I should do some gambling. I’m off to a pretty good start so far.

So I got to the airport today after not showing up for my flight yesterday. Initially, the check-in counter couldn’t do anything for me since my departing flight was cancelled out. I was told to go to the ticketing line to work something out. While I was waiting in that line, I called United to see if that would be any faster. It turns out that I really couldn’t do anything with my ticket, but their computers were down for five hours yesterday to the lady decided to fudge it for me. The bad news is that she could only book a flight for tomorrow. So I went back up to the check-in counter and my Filipino-ness came in handy. The lady at the check in counter said I reminded her of her son and was most excellent to me. She confirmed me for a flight later this evening and put me on stanby for a flight in an hour. The flight is full but I’m the first in line for stanby because of my 1K-ness. If I end up getting on that flight it’s blackjack and video poker every night. (I’m kidding…kind of.)
There are a ton of Pinoy employees at SFO. It’s about time it started paying off for me.

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