Let’s Get it Started in Here

Okie dokies then. After being fairly domestic so far in 2006 (cleaning up so Ted could move in, assembling a dresser, breaking down lots of boxes, etc.), doing a bit of writing, and being antisocial (part of the fun is making Shane think I don’t like him), I’m ready to start off the new year. I was supposed to go to Las Vegas today (01/03 actually), but I’m being stubborn. I would have liked to have gotten in Tuesday, slept well, spent some time at the spa, and been well rested for Wednesday night’s shoot. But noooooooo, I have to refuse to spend any more of my own money until Yahoo! pays me. I should, in theory, get a check tomorrow and be off to Vegas. I just refuse to keep spending more of my own money (I already have 5K out in expenses) until those lazy bastards at Yahoo! accounts payable send me a check. They really irritate the hell out of me. I meet my deadlines for the show. They should meet theirs paying me. I hope everyone has a new year except Yahoo! accounts payable. I hope they all get small pox and are replaced with more competent people.

(Okay, I don’t really wish that. I’m just being a brat.)

Vegas should be fun. I always enjoy CES. There’s so much cool technology to drool over. I just want to watch Blu-Ray demos on a 1080p television for a few hours. My mind is kind of floopy right now after writing four articles and mentally cursing Yahoo! accounts payable. I’m sure I’ll be having fun tomorrow. Ruby and Joel are great to spend time with. They can also compensate for any lack of creativity I’ll be having Wednesday night.

In an odd twist, I don’t really want to drink or gamble this time. I want to be fresh and get through the show with a high energy level. Then I can totally spaz out when I go on vacation next week (more on that later). I’m supposed to get another hefty check from Yahoo! on 01/09. I leave on 01/11. It’ll probably be late again, which would actually work out. I’ll have enough money to have fun and shop a bit. If I get that other check I might come home with like 20 suits or something.

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