The Year in Review, Part Three

My 2005 recap continues!

JulyReset was in full swing this month. Again, I was mentally all over the place coming to terms with a new kind of work and a new kind of life. I made a trip down to The OC for the show, stopped by LA for a bit, played with Melissa for a while, and went back to The OC to hang with Steve, Kit, and Peter. I had a weird bout of the 17-hour flu, B.B. came down for a birthday visit (hers, not mine), and the two of us saw Les Mis. I didn’t go to Singapore, but I (surprisingly) ended up going months later.

August — This was a crazy travel month. I went to Austin, Chicago, and Las Vegas in a very short amount of time. Austin was fun, but a bit of a letdown. It was the annual Atari University trip…and the first time it wasn’t in Cabo. It was an adventure though; I’ll never forget (accidentally) ditching my sidekick in Austin and the debacle with the brokedown bus. Chicago wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be, but I stayed at the nicest American hotel I’ve ever been in. And Vegas…well, that’s still the most watched episode of Reset ever and I got to meet the lovely little Ms. Anna Wainscoat. Yeah, I suppose it was all about work this month…in addition to silly Buddha Bar outings.

September — Two of my favorite people got married this month. Thankfully it was to each other (saves me a trip). One of Kate’s friends was the most astonishingly beautiful woman I’ve met in a long time. Justin’s dad is totally awesome and his mom is hot. I also discovered the joys of Waffle House. B.B and I had a quick Vegas work trip. Sadly, I missed this year’s Tokyo Game Show. While everyone else was having fun, I got the flu. My birthday celebration was pretty lame…especially after all the fun I had in Tokyo in 2004 (minus those two hours with that girl…what’s her name?).

You know, these three months were kind of weird romantically. I was so fixated on work and still pretty devastated by the last time I really fell for someone that I really wasn’t having any of it. I was too busy (distracted?) to imagine crazy situations and create unreasonable romances in my head. My heart was in a really safe place during this time, though certainly no closer to being content. Thankfully, Q4 returned me to the stupidity I’ve grown accustomed to.

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