The Year in Review, Part Four

October — Wow. So much happened this month. Let’s get the non-essential stuff out of the way first. There were many Buddha Bar adventures. I was starting to get more comfortable and confident with work. I totally spazzed out when one of my favorite comic-book writers was at a press event (the only times I’ve really gotten nervous meeting people were when I interviewed Stan Lee and this event where I met Mark Waid). I had a lovely wine and cheese event at the apartment. Skennedy and I had lots of fun in NY. I got really sentimental about people I’ve drifted away from in SF. One of the most amazing people I’ve ever met changed in a rather shocking way. I made another trip to The OC. I ran away to Canadia to cry on a shoulder…and met a most interesting Japanese girl that lives lavishly in Vancouver while doing nothing (She’s not really that interesting actually).

After what happened with the practically-perfect green-eyed girl and learning from that experience, I thought I was in a good place. I was all, “Well, it can’t get worse because I’m stronger now and prepared for anything.” Life has a funny way of proving you wrong. Against my better judgment, I started getting close to someone. It was rather fast and I really should have listened to my initial instincts. Anyway, things went down in a really horrible way–I didn’t get the girl (big surprise) and I was let down by someone I thought was a really good friend. I didn’t care for the girl nearly as much as I did for green-eyed faerie (a joke for you, B.B), but the clobbering came from a direction I wasn’t expecting…and it’s worse in many ways because I lost a friend.

As many times as I’ve gotten my heart broken (and I fully admit that it’s often my fault), I’ve never regretted meeting the ladies involved because I always learned something. But this whole experience was regrettable on so many levels. I have severe trust issues with people now. There’s a part of me that’s full of bitterness and anger that won’t go away. I miss my friend, but I know I’ll never believe in him again. This is one time where I wish I never met the girl.

November — I finally got to spend some time at home in the beginning of the month. I was on a really fun panel at this PR conference (ours was the only panel with beer). I totally threw myself into work and was getting exponentially more efficient at it than when I began. My brother dropped by for a bit and it nice to see him. In another trip to The OC, I saw my entire family. I almost slept with Sandra again…but was saved in an unexpected way. I saw my brother for the third weekend in a row (I needed the miles so I went to NY). The Spike Awards were lots of fun, especially catching up with Russo.

The best part was the five fun-filled days with B.B in New York. It was such a fantastic escape for me. I just needed to go away and be around someone that I’m completely comfortable being myself around. It’s like the sappy Christina song. “For a shield from the storm, for a friend, for a love to keep me safe and warm, I turn to you.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’d be locked up in a padded room without her.

December — My utter mastery of my work schedule (yeah right) led to a lot of free time this month. So naturally, I ran away to lots of places. I randomly went to Singapore–partially to make 100K on United and partially because Kit mentioned it. I ran away to Canadia again. I also went home for a weekend for Christmas. It wasn’t really an eventful month (which sound really obnoxious, but I can’t help how I feel). I just worked, went to other countries, played a lot of Guitar Hero, and became somewhat antisocial. I dunno. Sometimes hiding is fun. Sometimes it’s just necessary.

Sometimes I run. Sometimes I hide.

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