The Year in Review, Part Two

Okay, back to the year in review!

April — This was the most momentous month of the year for me, professionally. The month started off with a pitch meeting. This was when I met the excellent people that would become — to Zoe and me anyway — The Fantastic Four (a.k.a. The Yahoo! Studios crew). I was still incredibly sick of my job. With E3 coming up and with March’s shenanigans, I knew it was time to go. Before my grand exit, I got super drunk during a karaoke outing and was totally obnoxious to this crazy Korean girl (not Rannie, a crazier one actually). I still feel guilty about it and still owe her dinner.

Then came the momentous day at EA Campus. It was the company’s big pre-E3 shindig. I quit my job on the spot and started filming the pilot there. It was kind of like, β€œI quit. Want to meet my new crew? They’re over there!β€? Yeah, it wasn’t the most considerate way to leave, but I didn’t have much of a choice. A less capricious person would have asked permission to shoot a pilot, worked through E3, and left when a deal for the show was set…but things were so bad that I needed to jump at the chance to do something. Besides, I had just read a G.I. Joe comic where Cobra Commander said, β€œNo reward without risk!β€?

Thankfully B.B was there for the whole thing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. None of this would have been possible without her.

May — This was the start of a very exciting and very floopy time for me. It was great to be doing something new and different, but it took several months to get used to the new work, particularly in terms of efficiency. Early in the month I saw the best boxing fight I’ve ever seen in my life (Corrales vs. Castillo I). It was amazing. That tenth round is one of most incredible ever fought. Oh yeah, I got the green light to make an E3 special for Reset and it was time for the big show.

This was my favorite E3 in a long time. I was doing something new and didn’t have the crazy web-writer schedule. I was excited and nervous and all over the place. The show was mostly fantastic, but it also had my worst incident of the year. I utterly failed one of the people that means the most to me and I’m still haunted by my failure this day. The good news was that I learned and have been trying hard to address my shortcomings (I think I’m doing a good job) and have made a promise to myself not to fail her again. The better news was that Reset got approved!

June — Ah, this would be the first of two trips to city hall in 2005. I registered my company name and saw my local government in action (i.e. Waited in a lot of lines). Work was still crazy — not really the amount, but just figuring out how to do things efficiently. I was really enjoying it, but producing was (and still is) quite new to me so I was really nervous about doing well. It’s funny looking back at it now. I took me so much longer to do things back then and I do them so much better now. Hopefully I can say the same thing in six months. I got to see New Orleans in all its glory. It’s so tragic what happened, but selfishly I’m happy I got to experience the nightlife there before it all went down. Plus, I still have a silk scarf from what’s her name…what was her name?

Two of my favorite visitors stopped by in June — Ted R and Andy Mc. Ted helped me finish 6.5 liters of wine before he peed off of Shane’s roof, Andy and I played lots of dice at Buddha, and Sandra stayed over for a week. By this point I was totally used to what she was in my life. I wouldn’t let her get too close anymore and I was immunizing myself from her sweet talk. It totally worked. She couldn’t hurt me anymore as I stared of aimlessly in my ivory tower. *snicker*

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