I’ll get back to my “Year in Review” shortly….

Christmas break was short–just a quick weekend in NY with my family. It was nice to see them. We didn’t do much, but I left missing them, as always. The ‘rents are thinking about retiring in California or Hawaii in a few years. I’m trying hard not to nudge them to Hawaii. It would be rad to visit them there, but I want them wherever they’re happy.

When I was leaving, I decided to buy some foam tips for my E4Gs. The medium rubber tips were too small and the large rubber tips were too big. The foam ones work brilliantly for me. I still think my ER-4Ps, with the triple-flanged tips, are better at isolation, but the E4Gs sound better…particularly the bass. Best of all, the girl at the JFK Altitunes looked like she was having a rough early start (it was 7:30AM) so I decided to flirt with her a bit. She perked up and gave me seven extra sets of foam tips for free. I was happy to make her morning more bearable and equally pleased to charm my way into some freebies.

The flight back to San Francisco was lovely. Originally I was supposed to take the 7AM to LAX and get SFO after 1PM (it was the only flight available on award travel). Thankfully the 8AM direct to SFO had room. UAL gave me an exit row in business, which would have fantastic if my legs were 14-feet long. I didn’t sleep the night before so I totally conked out the entire flight after my two mimosas (missed both my meals though *sniff*). The bad news is that I felt asleep at 6PM and woke up at midnight. I went back to bed at 7:30AM and woke up at 11:30AM. So yes, I’m still not right with sleep since returning from Singapore.

I made an attempt at tidying up the place before the new roomie gets here. I got some stuff done, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. Looks like I’ll be building furniture and clearing out the extra room after I get back from Yahoo! tomorrow. Eep.

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