Things I’ve Learned

– Littering in other countries can be costly. Oops.

– I don’t think I’m meant to be rich. Being spoiled at a fancy hotel is fun for a day, but it annoys the hell out of me after that. The entire hotel staff should not know my name. Oh well, I don’t think I could afford to stay there on my own dime anyway.

– I still don’t know if I like latte Pepsi. I drank three cans. It’s just weird…amusing and creepy all at once.

– Custom-tailored clothing feels incredible on your body…especially when it doesn’t cost you that much.

– Adjusting to my new work took a bit longer than I thought. I’m finally reaping the benefits of my new work. I love that I can randomly go to other countries just because I feel like it. After several months of adjustment and learning lots of new things, I can goof off internationally…just like I planned to.

– Lounge singing in Asia is awesome. The crowd went crazy as my cousin sang “Foolish Beat.”

– Next on that list is boxing. I promise to start again next week. I promise more two-a-days when I finally pick up that DSR-11. This isn’t really something I’ve learned, but something to remind myself of.

– Aggressive women can be quite a handful…especially when they’re drunk…and you’re mostly not. In retrospect, sleeping with her would have been the easier thing to do. At least I would have had company for breakfast and she wouldn’t have gotten all angry.

– Boston is stupid for renaming it a “Holiday Tree.” I mean…I was happy for them after the Red Sox finally won a world series, but now I can just hate them again.

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