Double Birthday Madness

Last night was pretty interesting. It was Shane and Kimi’s birthdays. I caught up with the party people around 10:30 or so. (I was capturing b-roll for episode XI, but I’ll say that I was just being fashionably late.) It was a pretty fun and typical Buddha Bar adventure–dice playing, drinking, razzing, and a woman from another country flirting with me in front of her husband. It was fun hanging out with the 1up interns (i.e. sidekicks). They’re good kids with bright futures ahead of them. The Aussie chick was lots of fun too. It was also neat to watch Kimi decorate the streets of Chinatown. *snicker*

After Buddha closed, four of us headed to Bow Bow for more drinking and a little bit of karaoke. Candy is pretty damn dangerous. I don’t remember how many shots she poured, but it was way too many. I was pretty destroyed.

I woke up with quite the headache this morning…as well as some vague memories of things that happened last night. My cell phone said I didn’t drunk dial anyone, but I remember making some calls. Logging onto my Vonage page I discovered that I made quite a few calls. To which I say, “Oops.” There were the usual drunk dial victims there, but there were also a couple of numbers I shouldn’t have called at all. It’s really rather embarassing.

I totally got to Yahoo! late today. The ride down was pretty rough. Stupid trains. Thankfully this episode is pretty much done and only needed a smidgen of b-roll. I’m double thankful that the cafeteria was serving an excellent grilled cheese sammich–there’s nothing like grease to make the hangover go away. Anyway, I can’t wait to go home!!!

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