Escape to New York

Don’t forget to watch Reset episode X!!!

So my week-long trip ended in New York. It’s funny that my family was in California for Thanksgiving while I was home…. I totally used work as an excuse to take the trip. B.B and I covered the 360 midnight launch line and did an interview at Union Square. Really though, the trip, for me, was about getting away and building some new memories in NYC to erase some old crappy ones. It worked and I had such a lovely time.

I got to see Beauty and The Beast, vist the Molly Wee Pub, visit The Coliseum Bar twice, sing some karaoke, sleep a lot some nights, sleep very little other nights, hang out super late most nights, go to LaGuardia thrice, shop in SoHo, visit the fat dragon at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, eat at Hop Kee, eat at Carnegie Deli, eat some Original Famous Ray’s pizza, scarf down a dirty-water hotdog, munch on a NY bagel, and sip coffee in the West Village. It was a fun-filled escape where I felt totally comfortable just being me. Being stuck with one of your favoritest people in the universe (actually, she was stuck with me) in a city of eight million was brilliant…kind of like the rest of the world was happening while I played around in one of those snow globes. (Don’t ask me to explain what that means. It just makes sense in my head.)

I think this is my favoritest pic from the trip.

I came back to a yummy Thanksgiving dinner by Christian, a totally do-nothing Friday, and a fun outing on Saturday. A bunch of us went out for ramen and drinks in the Richmond. Rannie got drunk for the first time in like a decade. I was a bit tired, but drunk Rannie was totally worth going out for. (The hot Irish bartender at The Dog’s Bollix was a good reason too. Lilts are hot.) It was a fun time, but I had that thing going on where I’m there, but I’m not all there. I’m not sure why, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to be totally comfortable around people in purely social situations. During gaming events it’s a snap because I feel like there’s this idiot character I have to play for everyone, but if I’m just hanging out…there’s this sense of…detachment I guess.

I’m not sure why, but even when I’m with my friends there’s a wall or there are things I just won’t talk about (even if I want to). I suppose I have things that I can’t really talk about, as well as things that a lot of people would misunderstand unless they knew all the details. Of course there are times when I’m tired of going out for all these work events and I really just want to lock myself in my room and read comics.

Yeah, I really don’t get why I feel the way I do and why the feeling is becoming more common. I’ll figure it out later.

One thought on “Escape to New York

  1. BestBest!
    Such a funny slideshow… I lauged so hard at the drunken karaoke photos! We really were inside our own personal snowglobe πŸ™‚

    Thanks for making me laugh!!! Cuz… Kevin is all that I need…. lallalaaahhh

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