Road Trip (part 1 and 1a)

So I’m back from my six-day road trip, which turned out to be a seven-day road trip. I went down to Los Angeles for the Spike TV Video Game Awards. The show was much better than last year, though I missed a lot of it since I was not allowed to return to my VIP seat after peeing. The afterparty was fun, but nearly as cool as last year with the karaoke alamo. The weird part is that I totally felt comforable in LA and all the fakeness that comes with it. Hope that’s not a sign of a bad personality shift. It’s funny, even though I had one of those crazy good times, the parts I remember were catching up with Andy, Russo, and Libe–you know, just quiet conversations and all that.

After the Spike VGAs, I took a 15-minute flight to Orange County to see lots and lots of family. Initially I was dreading it. (I usually avoid large family gatherings so I don’t have to go through the ego-bruising criticism that accompanies them.) I totally forgot that my mom’s side is much warmer than my dad’s. I had a lovely time catching up with everyone and it was great seeing my brother again. I’m thinking of taking him to Hawaii for Christmas. He can surf and I can tan.

Well, that’s all for now. Next time I’ll write about my five fun-filled days with b.b in New York. It was pretty excellent and definitely needed. It’s funny how much more peaceful things are when she’s around. (Or really, how much more at peach I am with myself.)

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