I woke up on time. I packed rather efficiently (meaning I only slightly overpacked). Then Yellow Cab took their sweet ass time picking me up. “Okay, I thought,” as I arrived at the airport, “I still have an hour before my flight.” I jumped into the premiere exec line, hoping it would move quickly. Unfortunately, the people at the counter were working at a rather leisurely pace and the line was full of idiots–without luggage to check!–that chose to wait in line instead of using the Easy Check-In kiosks. Then there were these other idiots that had lengthy conversations with the check-in peeps. (I was imagining that they wanted every possible route to Istanbul explained to them.) Finally I get up to the counter and I’m told that it’s too late to check in luggage. Then I’m told the next flight to Burbank (12:45) is full and I can’t get a confirmed seat until the 4:00PM flight. I could go to LAX, but it’s a much longer cab ride to Universal. Soooooooo I made a hasty decision to go standby for the 12:45 and confirm myself for the 4:00. With my luck today, I won’t make the 12:45, the 4:00 will run late, I’ll be stuck in traffic from the airport to the hotel, and I’ll be totally late for the awards show. On the plus side, my luggage will be on the 12:45 either way so unless it’s lost or stolen (eep!), it’ll be there early.


I hate United.

I hate Yellow Cab.

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