Weather or Not

Oh man, it’s been so beautiful in San Francisco this week. The San Francisco summer is usually September and October, but the city has been getting batches of gorgeous days over the last three months. I think Thor is just being inconsistent and lazy.

I’m a little sad to be going and missing the fantabulous weather. Friday I go to LAX, Saturday I go to SNA, and Sunday I go to LGA. I’m still a little weary from my quickie NY trip. Hopefully I can keep my energy high for next week’s shoots. LA should be fun–since my advisory board duties for the Spike TV Video Game Awards are over, I’ll simply advise myself (and others) to drink and have fun. Orange County will be annoying–I’m looking forward to seeing Mom, Dad, and Reggie, but getting scrutinized by aunts and uncles is always irritating.

Thankfully, my trip ends in NY where I get to see b.b and a bunch of other friends. I’m in a really weird place in regards to people in general. Recent events have me questioning who’s being real and who I can trust. One of my useful traits is that I’m pretty quick to make up my mind about someone and stick with it; I categorize people quickly and easily, and whether I’m right or wrong it’s just convenient for business and personal dealings. Since my October mess, I’m doubting and questioning my instincts about people. There’s a conflict between brain and heart, and I really just don’t know about people anymore. Anyway, the point is that I’m so grateful that I’ll be in NY with someone that I never doubt.

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