Around 6:30PM, I started feeling a little loopy. I just got back from New York last night, you see. Then I spent the day at Yahoo! wrapping up the next episode and making lots of phone calls for episode XII. After that I went to grab my mail at get a cup of coffee at Farley’s. As I sipped my coffee and pondered my immediate future, I heard Metallica playing all the way from the ballpark. It was all just rather odd…being loopy…preparing for a meeting that can lead to a major change…and listening to Metallica playing a little over a mile away.

I’m preparing a pitch with some conspirators. The opportunity is exciting and a little bit scary. What I do for a living (I’m still not comfortable calling it a career) has taken such an interesting path. Practicing at the ‘Spy was kind of like my single-A ball. The stuff I’m doing for Yahoo! is my triple-A. (And I don’t mean to insult anyone I work/have worked with. The experience has been fantastic and I’ve learned so much from many excellent people. In both cases, we were just limited by several factors.) Now I have a chance to make the major league team…and it’s kind of…you know?

I’m pretty comfortable playing triple-A ball and I’m playing the position I want to play. Going to the majors might change things for me, opening up some opportunities but perhaps not letting me do what I really want to. Still, it’s a chance I absolutely must go for. If you have a chance to go to “the show” then you do it, right? Well, I have a chance and I’m going in with some fantastic people (i.e. much smarter and more talented). Of course there’s a chance it won’t work out and I’ll be sent down to the minors. (Won’t my self esteem be fantastic then?) I must see it through though. Besides, if I look at it as a game then my chances improve by a factor of (at least) seven.

Hmmmmm, I think I really miss baseball too. February (when pitchers and catchers report to spring training) can’t come fast enough!

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