My upstanding behaviour continues! I was going to spend a quiet evening at home encoding songs for my lovely new iPods, but guilt set in and I decided to keep my word to my fake fiance by venturing out. Of course, I was a bit frightened of the possibilities, but it all worked out well. I ended up seeing my fake fiance, seeing my fake mother-in-law to be, seeing my half friend, not getting the least bit drunk, not seeing Sad Girl (never found out where she ended up), and catching up with my darling daughter. I’m just happy I kept my word and did what I said I was going to do.

My sober night out was rather amusing. I discovered that various people think I write scathing poetry about them and others think I secretly try to protest their parties by saying I’m out of town but really staying at home (I’m really not sure which one is funnier). I’m usually bored observing drunk people, but tonight it was quite interesting. I even got to see one of my favorite pairs of saucer eyes in a totally drunken state (first time!). If only I didn’t have to leave to the airport in four and a half hours….

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