Moral Fiber

And yes, the term moral fiber totally reminds me of The Girl Next Door. Stupid romantic comedies….

Last night was mostly fun. Chappy and Aaron were in town for a reading of their excellent book. Weeks ago, they (foolishly) agreed to my suggestion of having a gathering at Buddha Bar after the reading. As you can see, it was a pretty fun night (and I didn’t lose a single game of dice!)…and then Sad Girl showed up. I did a pretty good job of fending her off and was able to say no the first two times she tried to make us leave to my apartment. Eventually, Mark, her, and I got into Dmitri’s cab to head home and she kept asking to stay over. I was pretty close to letting her…until the girl I’m really into called. Talking to her as she drunkenly made her way home was much more appealing than sleeping with Sad Girl, so I did that. (And props to Dmitri for putting Sad Girl back in the cab after she tried to follow me.)

The annoying part is that I was truly content having that little conversation instead of sleeping with a girl. Sometimes it’s irksome to have these preferences. Sometimes I wish I could just be the typical guy and enjoy the warm body trying to latch onto me. I’m just not built that way…and sometimes it’s a little ghey.

This also made me flashback to last Thursday night when the cute little British girl was playing with me in front of her boyfriend. After much flirting and some wrestling (it’s oddly entertaining to keep pushing away a cute little thing determined to tackle you to the ground), she eventually kept trying for a kiss. I stopped her every time. Guh. Part of me wishes I just kissed her and enjoyed it. It would have been fun. It also would have been very wrong and I’d be disappointed with myself. Plus, unlike some people I used to know, I have restraint.

Double guh. I…don’t know.

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