Nine Lives

Episode IX of Reset is up. It’s my favorite one since episode V. So please, please, please check it out and drop me a line. There are a few gaffs here and there (I missed the last day of post to go to a shoot in SD)–the intro wasn’t cut properly and there’s some of the same b-roll in the first two packages, but aside from that I’m giga-happy with it. I like the vibe that Ruby and I have–it feels like big brother and little sister goofing on each other. Plus, our skin tones are complementary (tee-hee). I’m just really relieved that the show finally has a travel budget and that it’s no longer limited to publisher events. And for the one standard piece on the show (the Infected preview), Kat did a great job and it’s a developer I’m pleased to profile.

Maybe one day I’ll have an episode I’m entirely happy with (probably not), but for now I’m jazzed that it’s going in the right direction.

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