Finally, I get to stand still for a bit! Yay me! I got back to San Francisco on Wednesday, after spending seven out of ten nights sleeping on a hotel bed (Westin Heavenly x 6, W x 1). Then it was two days of the Kohnke PR for Games conference. The networking was good, I got to meet new peeps and talk to old ones about working together in the future. I hope the panel I was on went over well. I wanted to goof around and have fun, while still being informative (wow, that’s a recurring theme in my life). It was pretty easy with Frary to my left and Shane to my right. Hopefully the crowd enjoyed it and got some new info out of the whole deal.

So after being on camera and in networking situations most of the last two weeks, I really just want to hide in my room and read comics or something. I was pretty good about being “on”, but I’m pretty much at my limit. Plus, so many of the conversations I’ve had have me thinking. So many of my friends are married or are getting married. And quite a few of my friends are having kids or already have kids. The whole thing is rather alarming and really freaking me out, but not for the reasons you might think.

It would be easy to think that I’m all weirded out because most people my age are married and are on their way to starting their own families, while I’m concerned about what shoes I’m going to buy next and what new shades to buy for the show. I’m actually weirded out because…it’s not weirding me out. I don’t want marriage and kids this very second. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m too selfish and self centered or if it’s because I’m not even close to being with someone. It’s almost as if I think I should be concerned about growing up but don’t care to in the least. Like, I should be thinking about starting my own family, but I’m just happy the drunk British girl was flirting with me last night.

Talking to my married friends and the ones with children has definitely been a bit odd since they’re talking to me about concerns I totally I can’t identify with. Hanging with Skennedy has also been a bit weird. I mean, I first met the kid when he was too young to drink and now he’s an EIC, married, and dresses exponentially better than he used to. A-ha! That’s it!!! I feel like everyone else is growing up except me (and maybe b.b *snicker*) and I really don’t care.

(Btw, I was just kidding b.b. You’re way more growded upped than me is.)

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