(More) Best Laid Plans

Well, the good news is that I got to eat at Fatburger….

My flight back home was delayed, you see, so Steve picked me back up and we had dinner. (I also selected a bunch of Journey songs from the jukebox and subjected the patrons of Fatburger to my love of ’80s ballads sung by large-nosed frontmen.) Since my flight was late, I didn’t get to do laundry last night (crazy cat lady asked me not to since it’s kind of loud). Ergo I had to wake up super early to do laundry. This took longer than expected and I missed the CalTrain I wanted to take. On the plus side, I got to read my book a bit more (thansk Rannie!). The downer was that I had to take a local train to Sunnyvale and catch a cab to Yahoo! After filming bumpers, I caught a train back towards the airport…except I took the wrong one (it left me one stop from the airport). Thankfully there was a taxi right there. Guh. I am like the worst planner ever.

So yeah! Here I am, typing away at the food court, waiting for my flight to San Diego. I had such a wonderful night’s sleep on Saturday, but last night was crap. I was really afraid the today’s bumpers would suck. Actually, I’m still not sure how good they are, but I was surprised that I was able to “turn it on” relatively easily (then again it could have all been in my head). *sigh* It’s times like this when Kevin Pereira is more of my hero than usual. Among the many things I admire about him is his ability to turn it on (and turn it on SO well) at the drop of a dime (what does that mean anyway?).

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