Grown Ups

Saturday was a peaceful evening with Steve, Bryn, Rachel, and little Samuel. We had a lovely dinner (where Steve discovered the glories of Indian fajitas) and went back to Bryn’s for dessert, beers, and The 2005 Brit Awards. The whole thing was a lovely break from the usual idiocy I engage in. It was wonderful catching up with Steve, Bryn, and Rach, and it was cool seeing how much Samuel has grown in the last year. Check out the pics.

Steve and I are pretty sure we’re destined to be “crazy uncles.” For my part, I don’t see a woman wanting to marry me, let alone produce offspring. It’s so weird hearing about the things Bryn has to deal with. We’re the same age, but he has adult problems…and I have problems deciding on what shoes to pack for whatever road trip I’m going on. He has to manage time with work/wife/child and worry about buying clothes and toys for Samuel. I have to manage the high-school-ishness of the SF journo social circle and worry about buying clothes and shades for my show. It’s such a sharp contrast.

The evening was fun for everyone, but also very different. For Bryn and Rach, it was actually a little crazy and they got to blow off some steam and get away from the parenting routine for a little bit (Samuel couldn’t hang for The Brit Awards). For me, it was an almost tranquil night that was a fantastic break from what I usually do. I suppose one person’s crazy is another’s mellow.

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