I’m Baaaaaaaack

But first, watch episode VIII of Reset! I think it’s okay. Ruby did really well. I’m just really bored of covering press junkets all the time. Thankfully, things change with the next episode and we get to do more of the things Zoe and I envisioned for the show.

Anyway, I just flew back from Canadia and boy are my arms tired. Tee-hee. The trip was really necessary. I’m much more at ease and at peace now, thanks to b.b. (Thank you so much. You have an incredible effect on me and just make everything better.) I just needed to find my happy place. Now I just need to find my smile (a reference only Justin will get). Of course, I’m returning to a few messes I’ve created for myself, but what else is new.

It looks like I’ll be using work as an escape whether I want to or not. I’m editing tomorrow, flying off to The OC for a Friday/Saturday shoot, flying back for a studio shoot on Monday, flying to San Diego on Monday night, getting back Wednesday for a PR dinner (and adventures with Andy Mc and Kate), and speaking on a panel for Thursday. There’s more editing to be done at Y! Studios, but I can’t remember when that would be this second. Maybe I’ll go to New York next weekend for a further sense of displacement. Oh well, better to be busy than have nothing meaningful to do.

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