Not so NYCe

My New York trip has been really interesting. Work has been great. Ruby has done some fantastic stuff for the show and it was incredible to attend a show that was open to the public–chatting to the kids about Reset has been amazing.

As with most things in my life, there were some unexpected complications. It’s not what a handful of you might be thinking. I’ve just been so incredibly disappointed with someone that I thought was a true friend. I was really hurt and let down by someone that really knows me and that (I thought) cared about me. The trust and respect I have for my friend has plummeted. It’s just so disappointing because I don’t really have a lot of friends and this one let me down in a really insensitive and disrespectful way.

Of course I’ll try to tie it into a comic book. “Once again Summers learns to trust no one.” That’s how I feel. Oh well, on with the show.

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