Just a quickie update for now. I’m back in New York! I’m having a really lovely time. I got to see my family for a bit (in 16 hours they managed the full interrogation) and hopefully I’ll get to see my brother again on Saturday. I’m having lots of fun with my hostage. The weather kind of sucks. Actually it totally sucks. I’m mostly here and am looking forward to filming the expo today and interview the kiddies tomorrow and hopefully the Nintendo Store at some point. That said, a good chunk of my heart and mind is far, far away with b.b.

On a side note, the pub I used to frequent has changed a lot. It used to be a cozy, dingy pub. Now it’s all cleaned up and fancy. I got to see Mickey and the old beer taps–those are the only two things from the old place. New York changes so much, so fast. There’s no way I can live here again. It’s too fast for me.

Okie, gotta get ready for the show.

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