Bleh. At the airport. Flight delayed. Anxious to get in the air. Happy I didn’t cancel my T-Mobile HotSpot account.

This trip should be interesting. I thought we’d do three shoots or so, but all of the sudden I came up with five pretty neat ideas. Curse my creativity. *snicker*

Like most NY trips, I probably won’t see any of my old friends. It’s kind of weird. Perhaps I’m a little afraid to see my college friends. I’ve change quite a bit and I’m sure they have to. Hopefully I get to see cousin Mae. I could use some mothering right now. As for more recent friends, I’m excited to see Melis and hope Xtina can take time away from her studies to play. And there’s always Ann, the second-best woman I know.

I’m happy to be leaving San Francisco for a bit. There’s too much going on and I need a timeout. I’m not sure NY is the place to escape though. I’m already nervous about being able to walk fast enough. I might be too Californian now. Eep!

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