Weekend Sports

The Yankees are making things interesting again. Game three was not good and I thought they’d lose game four for sure, but they pulled it off and are set to go tonight. They’re not the same lovable team they were in the late ’90s. I miss O’Neil and Cone especially. There’s nothing endearing about Sheffield and A-Rod. They’re excellent players, but they’re not real Yankees.

The big Corrales/Castillo rematch was a bit disappointing. It didn’t last long and Corrales got KTFO’d, but there was even more controversy this time around. Castillo didn’t make weight and he clearly had a strength/stamina advantage the day of the fight. They were suppose to weigh it at 135 the day before the fight, but after three attempts Castillo could only manage 138.5. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes such a tremendous difference. Chico has a good shot at beating Castillo at 135, but if they fight next year at 140 or 147 then Castillo, the naturally bigger man, will rock him. I think I’m just a little bitter because my guy lost. Bleh.Β 

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