People are People

It’s kind of silly (and totally me). You know how I’ve been pseudo-whining about only having 2.5 friends in San Francisco? Well I’ve been super social four out of the last five days (and on Sunday, he rested) and the prospect of having more friends terrifies me. I’ve bumped into a lot of people that used to have an important place in my life and have seen a bunch of people that seem to becoming a bigger part of it. A lot of it just totally weirded me out.

It all hit me on Saturday night I suppose. Among the peeps I saw over the last few days:

– Someone I used to be close with (our friendship faded away for no reason other than time…well, maybe him getting a car changed things too).

– Someone I used to adore and haven’t seen in a long time going through a major change.

– Someone that I’ve shared so much with recently. Everything was kind of quick and perhaps a little intense. I feel kind of exposed now.

– Someone that makes friendship a chore.

– Someone that makes everything a little bit crazy.

– And there was someone that was there the whole time while being hundreds of miles away. She better come hang out soon. I’m starting to do that thing where I malfunction without her.

There were a whole bunch of other someones too. The variety and absurdity of them frightens me a little. Maybe having 2.5 friends is a good thing. Everyone else can get the idiot act (it’s an act…really). I guess I’ve gone through a wide variety of emotions over the last few days and it has left me rather…jumbled. Oh well, I’ll be off to NY where I can hide behind eight-million people.

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