Yay! Episode VII is up. Like so many other things with the show, it really didn’t turn out the way I planned it to. Some things weren’t as good as I’d hoped and other things were way better. That’s a big part of why this project is so much fun for me. I’m learning so much and the experience rules. Let’s go down the show segment by segment.

Konami Roundie — I was really trying to do something like the Midway table of truth, but the Konami event was much earlier in the day (ergo everyone was sober). The tables they had were large and round so we took over the stage, which looked kind of neat but totally took away from the natural energy. Sitting at a booth and bs-ing is normal. Nobody sits on a stage and has a conversation. It was the best we could set up at the time and there’s some good stuff there. I just would have preferred it if everyone was drunk and we had a small table. We also filmed the throws before we edited the packages. If we did the editing first, there’s no way I would have lead the show with this. The guests totally saved the day though…if only they were drunk. Ha!

Stacked in Vegas — Zoe just rules. I usually mean that in general, but she rocks here. I love doing stuff with her because it’s not like work at all. It’s like we’re playing and there’s a camera. I’m so, so, so happy Kevin was in the piece, playing the role of Bill Filmaff. It was great to see him and he was so awesome on camera. Considering that poker isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to watch (from a gamer’s standpoint) and the game isn’t the most interesting thing in the world to look at, we did a good job at making it fun. It’s awesome at the end when I’m leaning on Negreanu and he’s wondering what the hell I’m doing. I wasn’t wired so I had to lean on him to get picked up by his lav mic. See, even when I’m drunk I’m totally production aware. *snicker*

Ultimate Spider-Man — I love what we did with the comic-book panels. I was worried about the package being boring since this episode went up a week and a half after the game came out. That’s what I had it last, but in retrospect I should have kicked off with it. I did a bad job with the interview (thought I did much better with X-Men Legends II) and the comic panel stuff helped cover it up.

So yeah. Another interesting Reset adventure and tons of lessons learned. I’m so happy I’m doing something new.

Oh yeah! This was Ruby’s first show. She’s so much fun to work with and she’s known the crew for a while. It’s like family. The other boys already love her.

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