The Best Laid Plans

Eddie Izzard reference! Bonus points if you get it.

So yeah! The last two days weren’t anything like I planned them. Tuesday I stopped by Buddha to say hi to Mark and have two drinks with him. We ended up closing the bar early to go hang out at another bar. I spent a lot of time in New York drinking with bartenders. I forgot how dangerous that can be. They’re so generous. It ended up being lots of fun, but I didn’t get my early evening of playing X-Men Legends 2. On the plus side, I finished a section when I was half drunk.

Wednesday I was going to have lunch with Jane, pick up my comics, and read ’em, skipping out on the City of Villains event. I had lunch with Jane, spent five hours pestering people at Ziff, went to the event (peer pressure from Ted and Shane), got really drunk, missed someone a lot, missed a birthday girl a lot too, gave a friend a supportive shoulder to lean on, and met one of my favorite comic book writers ever.

I usually don’t get nervous talking to people. Whether it’s celebrated game peeps, stupid movie people, top athletes, or vapid models, it doesn’t really phase me. The one time I really marked out for work was when I interviewed Stan Lee. Wednesday I got to me Mark Waid. I was actually too nervous to talk to him, but the flak brought him over to me. It was so cool and I totally skipped off in glee after our chart. I loved his runs on The Flash and Impulse, and I’m enjoying his current run on The Legion of Super Heroes. I even got to ask him a total dork fanboy questions:”So what do you think of all these rumors that they’re going to kill off Wally (the current Flash) at the end of Infinite Crisis? I mean, you had such a big roll in establishing him after Barry (the previous Flash) got killed off in Crisis (of Infinite Earths).” Tee-hee.

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