Game On!!!

I’m finally totally over my cold. That frickin’ thing stayed with me for almost two weeks. I’d chalk it up to getting old, but I rather not deal with that reality.

It’s kind of funny and a little bit annoying that I was sick during my time off from the show. I had a little bit of writing to do, but I was planning to use the free time to travel somewhere. Miami would have been nice. Shooting starts again tomorrow and then it’s the whole shooting/travelling/editing merry-go-round. It’s a shame I got sick since I’m not sure when I’ll have another break like that. Maybe Thanksgiving in Hawaii. Yeah!!! That’s a good idea. I also need to go to Vegas, partially to hang out with Steve and partially to pick up something I forgot to when I was there with b.b. Hmmmmmm. Decisions.

I’m heading to New York in a few weeks. That should be fun. I’ll get a couple of shoots in, hopefully see some old friends, introduce my parents to my fake girlfriend (Melissa, this time), eat a lot of pizza and bagels, and try to get Ruby into some trouble.

Oh! Mom, Dad, and Reggie got me a a white Nano for my birthday. I’m so excited to play with it! Naturally, I bought a cute pink case for it to protect it from all those nasty scratches. Now I just need the Maria Sharapova RAZR to coordinate. Pink is cool

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