Birthday Evoluted

So this was one of the weirder birthdays I’ve had in a while. It just felt really strange. I wish Best Best were here. I also wish Steve made it up. For most of the last 14 years (I think), Steve and I have shared some memorable co-birthdays (he’s 9/23, I’m 9/25). The last two years I was in Tokyo for my birthday so I missed out on all the co-birthday goodness. I was kinda hoping this year would have been the triumphant return.

All that aside, my birthday celebration just felt annoyingly appropriate for how odd (I think) I’m becoming. I had fun and I was happy for the people that came to hang out. (I was sad Ether couldn’t make it. I was annoyed Ben didn’t go when I organized dinner and wine for his birthday. Lamer.) It’s just that I feel kind of detached lately. Most of the people I feel close to these days are several hundred miles away. I’m not really sure why that is. Clifford says it’s some kind of defense mechanism, but he’s dating a 12-year old so I’m not going to listen to him (*joking*).

My life has really been all about my silly little webshow and not a whole lot else (I suppose all the hours I spend reading comics should count for something). I haven’t been meeting new people and for some reason I really don’t feel like it. Even people that manage to infiltrate my life in some small way…they get this weird forcefield I’ve created (hopefully it’s part of those super powers I keep wishing for).

Oh well, at least I snapped this awesome picture. Guess who it is!

Bleh. Maybe it’s time for a small wine and cheese gathering.

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