The Longest Journey

So I went out for a Potrero Hill walk today–a pretty standard trek of hitting up Farley’s, picking up mail, getting a sandwich at Hazel’s, and picking up BBQ meat at Good Life. I thought it would be a pretty painless jaunt, by my fever said otherwise. It went something like this.

20th & Pennsylvania: Left the house feeling okay, just really stuffed up.

18th & Pennsylvania: Started feeling a bit dizzy.

18th & Texas: Made it to Farley’s. Got coffee. Felt better.

18th & Connecticut: Picked up my packages. Starting burning up and feeling dizzy. Sat outside until my head felt better.

20th & Connecticut:The hill kicked my @ss. Got a sandwich at Hazel’s. Started sweating like crazy in the deli. It was warm in there to begin with and my fever didn’t help.

20th & Texas: Picked up some chicken breasts. Felt a little less dizzy.

20th & Pennsylvania: Walking down the hill made me feel worse. Made it home. Threw down the groceries, b-roll, and box of games, and crashed on the couch. Bleh.

Today’s lesson: Do not leave the house for a walk until this fever goes away.

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